To open a company in the Czech Republic will be cheaper

For the foundation of a company in the Czech republic businessmen will now pay only 100 euros.

Czech President Milos Zeman signed today, May 10, an amendment to the law on court fees. Now opening the LLC in the Czech Republic will be easier and cheaper. 

Expenses for the opening of the company in the Czech Republic will decrease from the current 11 300 CZK to 100 euros (about 2700 CZK). It was one of the conditions of the European Union to the Czech Republic for future allocation of money from the structural funds and investment funds.

Other news

  • 24.07.2017
    From student startup to first billion

    Victor Lekhman, as a student of the University of New York, has experienced the situation as he had to wait two days for extending his visa. "I was nervous at that time," he remembers, "I had only the last day left, and if I did not get the stamp, I would have to go back to Russia and join the army." In the queue they were alternating with a friend and slept in front of the visa-office. It is here that people who like to miss this "experience" will probably be enough - and founded the company Lekvi. Besides visa assistance, he offered clients, mostly from students from the former Soviet Union countries, for example translation, insurance and other administration, and gradually extended the service to help establish a business or firm. "We were cheap, fair and high-quality, we made a marketing campaign, and in the year we had nearly a thousand clients," recalls Lekhman.
    He came to the real estate via the parents of his visa clients. They often needed their children in Prague to rent or buy an apartment. He then founded the real estate division of the company - and for the Russian-speaking clientele he discovered Central Park Prague's Žižkov project, which had problems with the sale. "We liked the project, it was new, it was different and we knew that it would be nice to the Russians. We said about the exclusivity, of course we did not get it - and a year later we sold 95 percent of the apartments in this complex, "says Lekhman, with the first buyers being those who helped with a visa or other administration in the past.


  • 20.07.2017
    Q&A session with journalists

    15.06.2017 we held a press conference for the Czech media in the open spaces of Central Park Praha.
    As part of the press conference, the company's top managers (Victor Lehman, Firaz Muinov, Karl Bartosh) spoke about the history of the Lekvi Group, the Czech property demand among foreign investors, and also had Q&A session with journalists. There was also discussion about real estate market development trends.
    Firaz Muinov, the director of Lekvi Group, said: "I would like to point that our success is worthy of you - our customers and partners. And we promise that in the next 10 years we will tirelessly improve the quality of our services to the market"


  • 23.01.2017
    MadHead show - the Big Game

    Last Friday Lekvi Group team took part in the popular Prague intellectual game MadHead.

    As always, there were many interesting questions from many different areas, and we had a great time, got a lot of positive emotions and showed excellent results in the standings!

  • 11.04.2016
    Mortgage rate like never before: 2,02%

    At the same time interest of the citizens to the mortgage increased – in February it was issued by 7782 borrowers, which is 1870 people more compared to January. The total volume of loans over the same period rose by CZK 1.87 billion to CZK 14.615 billion. The average size of a mortgage was 1.878 million CZK. According to leading Fincentrum analyst Raydl Joseph, the future of mortgage rates can be affected by the meeting of the National Bank of the Czech Republic, which will take place on March 31 and will focus on Monetary Affairs. With its results banks will understand for how long they will have access tocheap sources that will affect the cost of long-term loans. It should be noted that Hypoindex index reflects the change in size of the average mortgage rate in the Czech Republic, excluding the period of fixation. Fincentrum Company conducts monitoring of this indicator since 2003. During this period, the highest average mortgage rate was registered in August 2008, when it was 5.82%. The lowest (up to the February update) - in June 2015 (2.05%).


  • 27.01.2016
    Bloomberg: Czech Republic has become a "paradise for investors"

    The authoritative American agency Bloomberg called the Czech rrepublic "new haven for investors." The relevant article was published on Thursday, January 28th.

    According to the authors, the investment attractiveness of the Czech Republic in recent years has increased to such an extent that today it can compete only Japan, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, which have lower interest rates on their bonds for up to 10 years. 

  • 26.03.2015
    LEKVI Group became a member of the Czech Board of Realtors and the Moscow Association of Realtors

    LEKVI Group is pleased to announce to all customers and partners with the news that the company has become a member of the Czech Board of Realtors and the Moscow Association of Realtors.