Visa and legal support


The Czech Republic is an industrial and rapidly developing country situated in the centre of Europe. The Czech Republic has a stable and successful economic system that attracts not only by higher standard of living and vast cultural heritage. The Czech Republic is among the top 10 most popular countries for immigration for the CIS citizens and also has a relatively easy process of obtaining a residence permit.

The Czech Republic is a unique country of the European Union with a developed economy and health care, high standards of living and relatively low prices.

We gained a vast experience in solving different issues connected with immigration to the Czech Republic. At the moment Lekvi&Nielsen occupies a leading position in solving complicated visa cases and providing legal support to investors and entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic.

We provide the following services:

  • short-term, long-term visas, permanent residency, residency permits (blue card, labour card)
  • prolongation of residency permits
  • citizenship
  • accompaniment to the Interior ministry of the Czech Republic
  • registration of companies and sole proprietorship
  • legal consulting
  • health insurance (basic, complex, tourist)

Comparing to other European countries, immigration to the Czech Republic is an optimal solution from the point of view of the similarity of culture and mentality, language, community of compatriots, living standards and health care.